Aiya Matcha’s In-Store Sales & Promotions

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jul 1st 2020

Photo courtesy of modest marce JULY 2020 IN-STORE PROMOTIONSSummer has officially arrived and along came some hot new deals! Stock up on your favorite Matcha products to create your own refres … read more

The Different Grades of Matcha

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 24th 2020

Did you know not all Matchas are the same? (Yes, that super inexpensive “Ceremonial” Matcha might be low quality or worse!) So what is the standard for a pure, high quality Matcha? Trick … read more

High Quality Matcha vs. Low Quality Matcha

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 17th 2020

Because Matcha is still relatively new to the Western nations, we’re not surprised to hear that some people are skeptical to try it. Often times, people unknowingly purchase bitter, gritty, … read more

Matcha vs. Regular Green Tea

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 17th 2020

“What’s the difference between Matcha and regular green tea?”—glad you asked! This is a question we get asked from time to time, and differentiating between them is quite simple. B … read more

Your Guide to Japanese Green Tea

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 17th 2020

Did you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world? (In case you’re wondering, water is the first!) With so many tea types on the market, sometimes it’s hard to decide on which on … read more