From Seed to Scoop, How Matcha is Made

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 17th 2020

Matcha: A Japanese Green Tea By now you’ve probably seen it everywhere, maybe at your local coffee shop or all over your Instagram feed. So what exactly is it? Matcha, in a nutshell, is a powd … read more

Matcha Powder: 6 Incredible Health Benefits

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 16th 2020

Matcha powder ceremoniously whisked in water to create a frothy bowl of green tea can almost feel like a Zen experience. Not only is it enjoyable to make, but it is also delicious to drink. While o … read more

Organic Matcha vs. Conventional Matcha

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 16th 2020

As consumer demand for organic products continues to rise, we’ve seen a synonymous surge in demand for organic Matcha as well, sparking more interest in this USDA certified product than it ever … read more

How To Prepare Matcha Green Tea

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 16th 2020

All teas are not created equal - so it should come as no surprise that all teas are not prepared the same way. When evaluating teas, the process of preparing a rich, amazing cup of tea is as … read more