Organic Matcha vs. Conventional Matcha

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 16th 2020

As consumer demand for organic products continues to rise, we’ve seen a synonymous surge in demand for organic Matcha as well, sparking more interest in this USDA certified product than it ever … read more

How To Prepare Matcha Green Tea

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 16th 2020

All teas are not created equal - so it should come as no surprise that all teas are not prepared the same way. When evaluating teas, the process of preparing a rich, amazing cup of tea is as … read more

Aiya's Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jun 1st 2020

Product quality and safety are among the highest priorities at Aiya, and we hold each of these to the highest standards. When it comes to Matcha, we never compromise. As a result of unexpected n … read more