Aiya Matcha’s In-Store Sales & Promotions

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Mar 1st 2023

Stock up on your favorite Aiya Matcha products at your local grocery stores, or mix things up and discover something new.  For the month of September, check out these exclusive off … read more

Matcha Green Tea vs. Coffee

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Aug 27th 2021

It’s safe to say that most of us are a little happier with our morning java or tea. (I mean, what else is going to power us through the  worst traffic in America – yikes!) Though our morning … read more

Aiya's Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Jul 2nd 2021

Product quality and safety are among the highest priorities at Aiya, and we hold each of these to the highest standards. When it comes to Matcha, we never compromise. As a result of unexpected n … read more

Aiya Matcha's In-Store Demo Schedule

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Mar 26th 2021

New to Matcha green tea? Try Aiya Matcha products at one of our in-store demos. Due to ongoing safety measures, we will be handing out pre-packaged samples only.Whole Foods Market Midwest Regio … read more

Matcha Green Tea and L-Theanine

Posted by Aiya Matcha on Nov 16th 2020

Matcha’s popularity among health professionals and enthusiasts comes as no surprise when considering the many health benefits it offers. Of those health benefits, there is one perk in particul … read more