Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"Aiya's mission is to share the goodness of Matcha through global education of its tradition, history, and science for good spirit and health."

Our Historic roots

AIYA is located in Nishio city in the heart of Aichi prefecture, Japan. The area has been producing the finest Matcha green tea for more than 800 years and is Japan's largest Matcha producing area. Together with our tea farmers, Aiya played a very important role in developing this area for Japan's premiere Matcha tea harvesting location.

Our Promise of Quality

AIYA stands for purest tea quality. Our products are recognized by Japan's leading tea ceremony masters, and endorsed by international food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. In over 120 years, Aiya has never had a product recall.

AIYA's tea is among the world's safest tea products. As market leader of Matcha tea and tea products for the food and beverage industry, it goes without saying that we fulfill the world's hardest international food safety criteria. We are the first in the Matcha industry to be ISO 22000 certified, AIB (superior) certified and offer world-class organic products at the highest levels: our products are USDA-NOP organic certified, EU-organic, and JAS-organic certified. Furthermore we are also Kosher and Halal certified.

AIYA is the world's leading Matcha company. With Matcha being the greenest of all green teas, we do not stop with producing green products - we think green, too. Our tea production must be in harmony with the environment. Aiya is one of the first tea companies to start organic cultivation in the 70's. Over 30 years of experience in organic cultivation has lead to a combination that has been assumed to be impossible until today: we can produce the finest, cleanest and reliable organic teas in truly outstanding quality, matching the existing quality levels of conventional teas.

Our Loyalty to an International Vision

For centuries, Matcha has been highly popular and traditional in Japan. AIYA's core goal is to offer Japan's finest green tea to all cultures throughout the world. We pride ourselves on our top Matcha quality, close customer service and relationships, speed, reliability and promise for optimal freshest - all contributing to making us a unique partner within the industry.