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The Mystery of Matcha with All Things Tea


The Mystery of Matcha with All Things Tea

The Mystery of Matcha ~ Ceremonial Workshop July 25th, 2009 1-3pm
All Things Tea in Camarillo, CA

Our guest speaker, Shiro Nobunaga from Aiya, will be taking us through an educational presentation of the benefits of Matcha.
Matcha is the oldest variety of shade grown Japanese green tea that is ground into a fine powder. Matcha contains the highest concentration of antioxidants and 10-15 times the nutrients found in regular green teas. When compared to other antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables as well as other leading superfoods, traditional Matcha green tea clearly stands out above all the rest.

Shiro will also be guiding us in the making of Matcha and using the technique of ancient Japanese traditions. He will educate you in the understanding of the tools and method of this ancient art.
We will then be partaking 3 small courses using Matcha in different culinary ways.
Sign up now at All Things Tea! $30.00 per person
Seating is Limited for this intimate occasion

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All Things Tea
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p. 805-445-TEAS (8327)
f. 805-445-8320

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