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Aiya is First ISO Matcha Maker


Aiya is First ISO Matcha Maker

Leading matcha producer and exporter Aiya has earned a specialized ISO 22000 certification by the International Organization of Standardization.

Los Angeles, CA --- The much-sought-after and respected “ISO 22000 Certification” has been earned by Aiya Co. Ltd, the world’s number one producer of Matcha green tea.  ISO, the International Organization of Standardization, is a network joining 157 countries’ national standards institutes. The Organization facilitates global trade through the consensus and standardization of relevant industry and consumer issues, including climate change, security and healthcare. ISO 22000 Certification is specific to Food Safety Management.  Aiya was the first in the Matcha industry to receive ISO Certification.

“Buyers all over the world have confidence in our quality practices and products,” says Fumi Sugita, Executive General Manager at Aiya-America. “ISO has decades of experience developing standards for many different types of applications—the strictest standards are set. The ISO certificate is the most accredited verification recognized worldwide, highlighting Aiya’s principle that quality, food safety and security are the most important value concepts that must be provided to each and every customer.”

To achieve certification, food industry producers design and thoroughly-detail a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). When approved and certified, confidence in business and safety practices is enhanced; a buyer in one part of the world enjoys a degree of assurance in the quality practices of a registered seller in another part of the world.

“We were more than happy to methodically and systematically document the superior safety of our Matcha green tea and of Aiya’s quality management—from the hand-selection of premium seeds to our time-honored granite grinding process to deliver to our customers,” states Sugita. “We’re proud in being recognized for our quality and safety standards.”

In addition, Aiya has had the distinction of ISO 9001 certification since 1999, and has also earned Superior AIB, Halal, Kosher and USDA organic certifications. 


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