Aiyas Tea Growing Areas

Aiyas Tea Growing Areas

AIYA Advantage

AIYA is your partner when it comes to all aspects regarding Japanese teas. Matcha for the tea industry, food service, food industry, offering reliable and safe Japanese teas that can be sold in all regions of the world or even in organic quality - this is AIYA. As your partner, AIYA and its international affiliates will take care, if wished, of international organic certifications according to EU-, NOP (North American) and JAS (Japanese) organic rules. AIYA is not a tea trader, importer or broker. AIYA is a unique tea company working directly with tea farmers since several generations. Our tea farmers are part of the "AIYA family" and work exclusively for AIYA. Your local AIYA partner is your gateway to the best tea farmers of Japan.

AIYA’s Tea Growing Areas

Our most important tea growing region is in Nishio, the heart of Aichi-prefecture, Japan. Japan's highest quality tea leaves come from Nishio, an historic tea cultivating region dating back to the 1200s. Nishio's idyllic climate, fresh river waters, fertile soils and remoteness from major urban development foster tea leaves that are more resiliently green and full of nutrients than those found in any other regions of Japan. Its quality is such that Nishio Matcha now represents over 60% of all Matcha sold in Japan. AIYA owns over 80% of the exclusive harvesting rights to the Nishio tea plantations, ensuring that our teas are made from the best leaves nature has to offer.

The most important tea growing area for our organic teas is the tea area in Toyota (formally known as Shimoyama) which is next to Nishio city. Shimoyama represents outstanding organic quality. The region is located at 600m sea level, with a cooler climate than Nishio. The lower temperature is a natural barrier and protects our organic fields - only few insects survive in the colder regions of Japan. This is very important since organic production does not use any pesticides and relies on natural fertilizer only. The region is located in the midst of mountains, far away from any towns or streets. AIYA tea farmers are growing here the best organic teas of Japan.