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Aiya America Recieves AIB Superior Rating For The Sixth Year In A Row


Aiya America, the world leader in Matcha green tea, has announced it will once again receive the Superior AIB (American Institute of Baking) certification.  This is the sixth year running for Aiya to receive this prestigious certification. The AIB certification is awarded only to manufacturers who meet the highest standards in food processing, food safety, and production technologies. Aiya’s Matcha and tea factories are held to the most stringent manufacturing standards, and every step of the Matcha harvesting, processing, and packaging process is closely monitored for quality assurance.

AIB International only provides this respected certification after it has tested all aspects of the quality control systems a company has in place. It is an extremely thorough audit that inspects the entire manufacturing process, from raw Matcha storage to equipment testing and finished product viability Aiya is committed to providing safe, high-quality Matcha and teas and complies with all food safety regulations. As such, Aiya has been undergoing and will continue to undergo the AIB audit process for years to come.

Fumi Sugita, Aiya America’s General Manager, commented on receiving the AIB certification again, saying: “To continue to receive the Superior Rating is both an honor and a testament to our meticulous processes and industry-leading standards of Matcha production. A 935/1000 ranking is something that only the best of the best companies receive.  I am proud to say that Aiya America is the first Matcha green tea company to receive the AIB superior rank six years in a row.”

Citing the importance of customer safety to Aiya, he continued: “The quality and safety of our Matchas and green teas is of the utmost importance to us at Aiya.  Maintaining our standards so as to receive this prestigious AIB rating year in and year out is but one way in which we pledge to provide only the highest quality, safest Matcha for all of our customers.  As far as we know, we’re the only Matcha manufacturer to go the extra mile and keep meeting the AIB superior rank standards each year.  It is from this commitment to excellence that we are able to consistently exceed customer safety standards and provide Matcha lovers all over North America with only the best. We’re very proud to once again be recognized by AIB International and gain the highest rank anyone can receive for the sixth time!”


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