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Japan to Tighten Radiation Regulations


It is hard to believe it has been over a year since the triple disaster struck off the coast of North Eastern Japan. Life in the most hard hit areas is slowly returning to normal but the impact of such a catastrophic event will never be forgotten.

In their continuing efforts to keep their citizens safe from the potential dangers of radiation exposure, the Japanese government has announced it will be lowering its radiation exposure guidelines as of April 1st 2012. Specifically referring to the total concentration of CS-131 and CS-134 per kilogram, the current Japanese guideline is set at a maximum of 500 bq/kg. When the new regulations come into effect, that figure will be cut by 80% to 100 bq/kg, making Japanese regulations the strictest in the world. (The United States guideline is 1,200 bq/kg while the EU guideline is 1,000 bq/kg.)

We here at Aiya America are just as committed to the safety of our customers. Customer safety has always been and will always continue to be our primary concern. To that end, we have been conducting monthly radiation tests on our Matcha and loose leaf teas at an independent third party lab. We have conducted over 120 tests since shortly after the disaster and plan on continuing to do so for our 2012 harvests as well. From those test results, we can confirm that our Matcha and green teas are safe to drink under all international regulations. Even when the new, extremely strict Japanese regulations come into effect, Aiya products still fall well below the set guidelines.

We are happy to provide fully detailed test results to our customers upon request.


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