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Mangrove Tree Planting



Starting in 2001 Aiya started contributing directly to the Mangrove forest by sending our employee volunteers to South East Asia to help replenish the forest. Every other year Aiya employees and a select group of Nishio farmers take two weeks from their work schedule to volunteer with members of the local community to plant trees.

Below is a list of previous trips by Aiya to plant mangrove trees and Mahogany plants:

In 2001 Philippine                 40 people            6,300 Mangroves
In 2003 Thailand                   40 people            12,300 Mangroves
In 2005 Indonesia                 60 people            4,200 Mahoganies
In 2007 Thailand                   60 people            13,000 Mangroves
In 2009  Malaysia                  50 people            5,000 Mangroves

Last month a total of 36 volunteers from Aiya Japan split into 2 groups to plant mangrove trees in Indonesia. They successfully planted approximately 6,000 mangrove trees for the year of 2011.

It is important to replenish these forests because in South East Asia much of the lowland rainforest has been cleared. Most of the rainforest was lost in the mid-to-late-19th century. As a result many species flora, fauna, insects and birds have become extinct.

Mangroves also help protect the coastline from erosion, storm surges and tsunamis. Because of the mangrove’s massive root they are efficient at dissipating wave energy.

Aiya’s product is an agricultural product and we work closely with many farmers. Aiya believes that it is important to continue these efforts to help preserve our environment especially the mangrove forest to help prevent global warming for future generations and for future sustainable agricultural businesses. We will keep investing our time and efforts to participate in these events in the future.


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