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Aiya News

Aiya America’s Newest Product: Matcha Zen Café Blend


Aiya America is proud to announce the launch of our new product.


Following the successful launch of the newly developed Aiya-branded Matcha now accessible to all consumers, Aiya would like to introduce NEW products to all of our customers.


Aiya’s “NEWEST” product:

Matcha Zen Café Blend - Single Serving Packet


One of our most popular items, Matcha Pre-mix is now packed into single serving packets for your convenience. Now you can bring these packets with you to enjoy at any place, any time.


New Matcha Zen Café Blend stick packet is a sweet, delicate mixture of Aiya's granite-ground Japanese Matcha green tea and pure cane sugar to create rich cold smoothies and hot latte beverages while at home, traveling, or on the go.


Please note we have re-named this item from Matcha Pre-mix to "Matcha Zen Cafe Blend," however the contents remain the same as before.


Contains: 12 single serving packets / case

Directions: Simply add 1 Matcha Zen Café packet to water or milk for the ideal Matcha blended drink.


Matcha Zen Café Blend Recipes



Matcha Smoothie

Add 1 Matcha Zen Café packet to a blender with 6-8oz of milk or soy milk and ice. Blend together until smooth or for desired result. For a tasty twist, add fruit or yogurt for fruity Matcha yogurt smoothies.


Matcha Iced Green Tea

Add 1 Matcha Zen Café packet to a glass of ice with 6-8oz of water. Stir briskly until completely mixed. Use a portable electric frother to mix if available.


Matcha Latte

Add 1 Matcha Zen Café packet to a mug with 3-4oz of cold milk. Steam the milk until a fine froth develops or until reaching the desired effect.



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