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Food Safety and Continuing Supply Statement


Food Safety and Continuing Supply Statement


April 25, 2011

Dear Valued Customers,


            First, we would like to thank you for your business with Aiya and continuing support.  In addition, we sincerely appreciate the many warm e-mails and messages after the earthquake/Tsunami crisis that occurred on March 11th 2011.


We received many concerns about our product’s safety due to radiation leaking at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan area and concerns about our future supply availability.

Aiya’s most important mission/policy is supplying safe and high quality products to all of our clients, therefore we have decided to prepare this statement for our clients who are concerned about our product safety as well as future supply availability.



Possibility of radiation contamination

Aiya Japan is located at the city of Nishio in Aichi prefecture where it lays approximately 300 miles away from Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The latest news does not state any sustained unusual radiation levels in the Nishio, Aichi area (as of 4/25/2011).  For that reason, Aiya strongly believes there are no radiation effects to our manufacturing facility where we are producing our products.


In addition, products we currently supply are made with the 2010 crop, which was harvested before 3/11/2011, therefore there is no possibility of radiation contamination on all tea materials.

To ensure our product safety, Aiya is planning to conduct radiation tests at a 3rd party laboratory when we eventually switch to the 2011 crop.  We expect to conduct this test in around June 2011.

The radiation test we are planning to conduct consists of collecting samples of all grades of 2011 crop tea leaves and making general samples to make sure all 2011 crop meets Japan and US food safety regulation requirements.  Tests results can be provided upon your request.   


Future supply availability

Aiya Japan’s location is far away from the earthquake/Tsunami point and all of our manufacturing facilities, tea fields, employees and tea farmers are safe and incurred no damage.

Therefore, we do not expect to see any impact on our ability of supply to all of our clients.  One small concern we have currently is whether U.S. customs decides to conduct extra examinations for all shipments from Japan and that these extra exams might take longer to process.  Consequently, this could mean we might not be able to receive products from Japan on time, however, other than this we do not expect any significant impact on our ability to supply due to this natural disaster.


Again, product safety is the most important issue for Aiya and we understand all of your as well as your clients’ concerns.  We are taking this change of conditions seriously and are doing our best to provide necessary information to ensure our product’s safety and quality.


Thank you for your all support to Japan.



Yoshio Sugita

President of Aiya Co, Ltd

15 Kamimachi Nishio City, Aichi Pref.

445-0894 Japan.





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